Wu Wei Kung Fu in Shanghai

How did we find Wu Wei Kung Fu School in Shanghai ?

It was a coincidence – if you believe in coincidences …
An old friend from Germany called up one day. He told me, that his son, 20 years old and very engaged in Kung fu since he was 11 years old, decided to take a few months off, having just completing high school. He was planning to travel to China and live in a Kungfu school in China for several months.

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Ausgefallene Autos in Shanghai

Shanghai ist eine sehr große Stadt mit über 20 Millionen Einwohnern. Und Shanghai ist eine moderne Stadt, man sagt das Wirtschaftszentrum von China (während das politische Zentrum in Beijing ist). Und Shanghai ist sehr reich. Und Shanghai hat eine Art “Wolfsburg” als Stadtteil, eine Autostadt, namens “Anting”. Und dort werden VWs gebaut. Und am anderen Ende der Stadt werden Buicks von GM gebaut. Und dann gibt es natürlich noch das Automuseum. Und viel wichtiger: eine F1 Renntrecke in der Form der Symbols Shang (aus dem Namen Shang Hai).

Fazit: Shanghai hat viel mit Autos zu tun !

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Tomson Golf Villa Shanghai

Tomson Golf Villa (Simplified Chinese: 汤臣高尔夫别墅, PinYin: Tāng chén gāo’ěrfū biéshù) often just called Tang Chen Golf, is a very popular apartment and villa compound in Pudong amongst expats and wealthy Chinese living in Shanghai.

Tomson Golf Villa Shanghai is one of the older villa and apartment compounds

Located in Pudong (eastern part of), Shanghai and built in 1996 many buildings have already been completely re-decorated by their individual owners. Tomson Golf Villa is set around a golf course and many villas have a direct view onto the course. In total there are around 125 and 40 semi-detached villas as well a few apartment buildings on 133.000 square meters !!! Extensive garden areas make the compound particularly interesting for families with children.

A short video along the river outside Tomson and then inside the compound:

Tomson Golf Villa Shanghai is located on Longdong Da Dao. It is close to the Century Park and the popular Lian Yang and JinQIao Green City area. It is a 20 minute drive to Pudong Airport and it takes around 45 minutes to downtown by car.

Some of the facilities:

  • Clubhouse
  • 18-holes Golf Course
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Tennis court
  • Basketball ground
  • Two children playgrounds

Chinese: 汤臣高尔夫别墅, 1龙东大道, 上海浦东
PinYin:   Tāng chén gāo’ěrfū biéshù
English: Tomson Golf Villa,  1 Long Dong Da Dao, Jinqiao, Pudong, Shanghai

In November 2014 there are around 30 units available for rent.

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Gongqing Forest Park – best park in Shanghai

Best Park in Shanghai

Gongqing Park Bridge

In our opinion the Gongqing forest park is still the best park in Shanghai! For its trees, its groves, verdant forests and pretty lakes. Though there are the usual hordes, it’s big enough that you can find a shady spot to yourself. You can do what you want on the grass, though there are designated kite-flying areas, and there are barbecue pits (from 60RMB/four people up to 150RMB/ten people for two hours) with a shop for supplies.
Best Park in Shanghai

This is the best park in Shanghai

The park boasts too many activities to mention, from a loop-the-loop roller coaster (20RMB) and other classic rides (log flumes, pirate ships, etc) to airgun rifle shooting (10RMB/five bullets), rock climbing (20RMB), paintball (20RMB/five bullets), go karting (15RMB/lap) and a fun electronic toboggan ride (20RMB). They’ve added more activities including horseback riding (30RMB/person), rowing boat (40RMB/hr), cable sliding (60RMB for two), football field (200RMB/hr for 15 people; 400RMB/hr for 23 people) and fishing for free.

If you can’t bring yourself to leave, you can stay the night in one of the cabins at the Hongsen Forest Park Hotel (Rooms from 280RMB. Cabins from 580RMB). Just remember to bring your passport and plenty of food. Also note that no dogs allowed in the park.

Check the video:

ParkSize 131 hectares – Entry 15RMB – Opening Hours: 6am-5pm
Website: http://www.shgqsl.com

Gongqing Forest Park 共青森林公园
2000 Jungong Lu 军工路2000号

Phone: 6574-0586

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Smart Globe 2.0

Google Earth is great. But the globe I had sitting on my desk as a kid wasn´t that bad either.
I could touch it, swivel it around, easily understand the concept of the aquator and where I would have to live in order to experience an almost stable climate all year round. I could easily see why a country might be called “down-under” and some countries are supposed to be “on the other end of the world”. Best of all : I could turn on the light and watch our planet while falling asleep and dreaming of far-away places.

Well these globes are still around. Not much as changed though, some magnetically “float” in the air, some are made from marble – you can even buy a waterball globe. I have collected some here.

But, the concept of the traditional globe has been more or less the same for the past 30 years ago. Time to change that and introduce a new idea.

The smart globe 2.0

Smart Globe 2.0

Design Concept for the Smart Globe 2.0

My new concept for the smart globe 2.0 is driven by two major ideas and changes:.

First, I suggest to use mini LEDs to light it. Not 2 or 3, not hundreds, but thousands to light up the Globe 2.0. Using these LEDs will allow much more variation than merely turning the light on and off and you can illuminate very very detailed areas on this globe, such as cities, rivers, counties and a lot more.

Secondly, I control the smart globe 2.0 by connecting it to a smart-phone through an app. This app includes hundreds of functions which in turn allow endless variations.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • show your child where mom or dad are on their business trip, or where the grand-parent or friends you met on your last holiday live.
  • learn about the states/provinces of your country by showing their location
  • look for longest river, the highest mountain or the deepest point on the planet
  • calculate distances from A to B and show them on the globe 2.0
  • play games by searching for cities, countries, rivers or mountains and provide the solution by highlighting the results on the globe 2.0.
  • teach science by illuminating specific areas such as “covered by water”, “forestation” or “rainfall data” and show climate zones (desert, tropical rain forest)
  • transfer real-time data and show vessel or airplane locations in realtime and watch them move on the globe 2.0
  • thousands more ideas are thinkable …

Watch our planet, learn and study it, educate your kids and grand-children or yourself. Use the Smart Globe 2.0 in classrooms and excite the students with fascinating data and views of the unique planet we all live on. This is the next generation desk globe: Smart Globe 2.0

Shanghai Auto Museum

Shanghai Auto Museum

Entrance of the Shanghai Auto Museum

Shanghai Auto Museum

Shanghai ist eine der Auto-Metropolen Chinas und hat natürlich auch ein eigenes Auto-Museum. Es ist einen Besuch wert und bietet eine interessante Mischung internationaler Klassiker und chinesischer Originale, insbesondere dem Shanghai SH760. Es gibt sehr viele technische Exponate und eine große Carrera-Bahn für die kleinen Besucher.

Das Museum befindet sich im Stadtteil Anting, der sog. “VW Stadt” in Shanghai, in der Nähe der Shanghai Formel 1 Strecke und ist auch mit der U-Bahn gut zu erreichen.

Shanghai Auto Museum – Adresse:
No. 7565 Boyuan Road, Anting District, 201805 Shanghai
In Chinesisch: 上海安亭博园路7565号
Offizielle Website: http://www.shautomuseum.gov.cn/en/

Einen Überblick über weitere Auto-Museen in China findet man hier.