Tomson Golf Villa Shanghai

Tomson Golf Villa (Simplified Chinese: 汤臣高尔夫别墅, PinYin: Tāng chén gāo’ěrfū biéshù) often just called Tang Chen Golf, is a very popular apartment and villa compound in Pudong amongst expats and wealthy Chinese living in Shanghai.

Tomson Golf Villa Shanghai is one of the older villa and apartment compounds

Located in Pudong (eastern part of), Shanghai and built in 1996 many buildings have already been completely re-decorated by their individual owners. Tomson Golf Villa is set around a golf course and many villas have a direct view onto the course. In total there are around 125 and 40 semi-detached villas as well a few apartment buildings on 133.000 square meters !!! Extensive garden areas make the compound particularly interesting for families with children.

A short video along the river outside Tomson and then inside the compound:

Tomson Golf Villa Shanghai is located on Longdong Da Dao. It is close to the Century Park and the popular Lian Yang and JinQIao Green City area. It is a 20 minute drive to Pudong Airport and it takes around 45 minutes to downtown by car.

Some of the facilities:

  • Clubhouse
  • 18-holes Golf Course
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Tennis court
  • Basketball ground
  • Two children playgrounds

Chinese: 汤臣高尔夫别墅, 1龙东大道, 上海浦东
PinYin:   Tāng chén gāo’ěrfū biéshù
English: Tomson Golf Villa,  1 Long Dong Da Dao, Jinqiao, Pudong, Shanghai

In November 2014 there are around 30 units available for rent.

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