Sixpad Abs Fit Body Fit – Unboxing and Review

About a week ago I came across an advertisement for the SIxpad products, namely the Abs Fit and the Body Fit muscle trainers. I dont recall where I saw it first, on Twitter or on Facebook. I did a quick research and found the official website of the Vendor from Japan.

Sixpad Absfit in Action

Absfit in Action

The product reminded me of the Abflex from the 90´s. Lol. Anyone remember the Abflex ?

Abflex Muscle Trainer

But the Sixpad is next next generation, using EMS technology, using electric current to stimulate your muscles. You dont need to exersice actively. I thought: Heck, why not give it a try ?

Where to order the Sixpad Abs Fit and/or Body Fit ?

The Vendor´s website in Japan wasnt helpful for me. Once I clicked on their shop it all turned to Japanese. Since I live in China, I finally checked Taobao, the biggest online shopping mall around here and found a variety of choices and ordered from one of those sellers (you can divide those prices by 6.3 to get the US$ equivalent). I ordered both Abs Fit and 2 Body Fit and three days later they arrived.

Unboxing Sixpad Body Fit

Let´s start with the Body Fit which is supposed to be used on thighs, arms and legs. This is what it looks like.

Sixpad Body Fit Box

When you lift the lid you see the Bodyfit behind a clear window

Six Pad Body Fit Open Box

After you pull the tray out from the box, you can take the out the insert with the Body Fit and lift the tray - more is unveiled underneath.

Body Fit Tray

Body Fit inside Box

Here is what you get with the Body Fit

Six Pad Bodyfit Parts

One Sixpad Body Fit - the actual device. Two button cell batteries (one spare). A big fat instruction manual in several languages, Japanese and English among them. A plastic disc used to open the battery compartment. A guarantee card. Several sticky gel pads (used on the contact points of the Body Fit. An elastic belt. A hard orange board on which you can "park" the body fit when not in use. And a PVC zipper bag in which you should store the body fit (on the board) when not in use and in order to avoid humidity.

Getting started with the Sixpad Body Fit

Step one. Use the plastic disc (included in the package) to open the battery compartment and insert one of the button cells with the PLUS facing upward. Close the compartment.

Body Fit Getting Started

Body Fit Getting Started 2

Step 2: Adding the Gel Pads to Sixpad Body Fit

Sixpad Abs Fit Body Fit both require Gel Pads. These are attached to the product where the electric current will flow. The Gel Pads are needed to transport the electricity to the body without causing irritation or burns on the skin.

To protect the Gel Pads from dirt, they are covered with two clear foils which need to be pulled off. First pull off the orange foil on one side.

Sixpad Gel Pads

Then attach that side of the Gel Pad to the indicated area on the Body Fit. Repeat the same with the 2nd Gel Pad.

Six Pad Gel Pads

After both Gel Pads are stuck to the Bod Fit, carefully pull off the transparent foil on the other side. This will be the side facing your skin.

Body Fit Gel Pad Ready

Your Sixpad Body Fit is Ready to Go !

After you are done doing the EMS programm, carefully pull the Body Fit off you skin and place it on the board for safe storage.

Unboxing Sixpad Abs Fit

Now let´s have a short look at the Abs Fit Unboxing. Here is what you get and what it looks like:

Sixpad Abs Fit Box Front

Sixpad Abs Fit Box

Sixpad Abs Fit Box Back

Sixpad Abs Fit Box Backside

Sixpad Abs Fit : Inside the boxBox Content

Sixpad Abs Fit Box Content

Sixpad Abs Fit Body Fit Product Review

We have just started to use both Body Fit and Abs Fit. So much so far :

  • There are several levels for the programm ... we started with level 2 and 3.
  • A programm runs for 20 minutes. It is preceeded by a 1 minute warm-up and followed by a 1 minute cooling down phase. All in all 22-23 mins.
  • You are supposed to train each body area only once a day
  • we definitely FEEL that there is something going on ...and it definetely feels like it´s going to have an effect

Update: September 15th 2015: Yes - the Sixpad Abs Fit does work !

Both my wife and I have tested both the Abs Fit and the Body Fit over a period of several weeks and we feel it really works. Let me go more into detail:

  • Starting at level 2-3 we quickly increased the level  to level 6, 7, and then 8 and 9 (where I remained. up to now).
  • At level nine you feel the action REALLY STRONG. It´s difficult to describe, its just massive. I have mainly used the Absfit on my belly and the muscle contraction is really strong. I havent dared to go beyond level 9 so far, that was as much as I could bear.
  • The programm starts slow and at a low level and the frequency of "electricity" or let´s really call it "electro-shock" varies. It starts slow, like a slow drum and then speeds up. The rythm sometimes alternates and when it goes slower you relief. The feeling is very diffilcult to describe, imagine a drummer playing on your belly and constantly varying the speed and rythm. It is really intense on a higher level. But its not like someone pounding on your skin, it is real muscle contraction.
  • I once tried the Body Fit on one arm. Onthe biceps, and at level 6. Well, I suggest you not to do that: the electro-shocks make your whole arm jump up and down uncontrollably ... you just can´t stop it from happening. The muscles contract and your arm goes up ! I havent tried that again, so I cant say how the long term effect on the biceps would be.
  • Each program runs for 20 minutes and starts with low intensity. After around 1 minute it increases to the level you selected (there are 15 levels of intensity). As mentioned earlier: I havent gone beyond level 9 thus far. At the end the intensity goes down for 1 or 2 minutes as a cooling down period.
  • My wife used the Body Fit on her lower bottom and her thighs and she is really, really impressed and keeps on going. Her skin has become much smoother and tight. She loves the Sixpad.
  • As for me: My belly has become much thinner, but I am still far away from a sixpack. Given my starting point, that´s totally o.k. for me. I am NOT going to post any pictures. I eat regularly and have a couple of beers 2 or 3 times a week. So I assume its not going to get me a sixpack using the sixpad alone. For a sixpack you will most likely still need some additional exercise. But if you are exercising, doing sports or working out, I am pretty sure that the Sixpad Abs Fit and / or Body Fit will help you get there much faster and probably even work some of those muscles, which exercises hardly reach.

    Final Statement:  I purchased the Sixpad products out of pure curiosity. No one has paid me for this review, nor are there any affiliate links anywhere in this post. I share my experience openly for others to read and in order to give readers an idea about the Sixpad products before purchasing them. I would be happy if you share or like this post. Besides that I have no benefit. If you have any specific questions, please post them in the comments below and I ll reply you as best and soon as I can.

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    dimas - last year Reply

    how result the product? your abs sixpax?

    Mark Kruemke - last year Reply

    Hi Dimas, yes its really cool and surprisingly effective. Please read my update Sept. 15th above. Any question, let me know.

    Charles - last year Reply

    Hi Mark,

    Great review! I saw this product on TV and was wondering its effectiveness. Have measured your waist in between the period? Have you actually lost a size or two?

    Thank you for sharing!



    Issac - last year Reply

    Hi, besides japan where can I buy this product? And how about the price?
    Thank you

    Tim - 10 months ago Reply

    The sixpad now is available in Europe on

    Just ordered mine!

    MAUREEN COWLEY - 10 months ago Reply

    how does this product compare to slendertone abs belt and shorts

    Danni - 10 months ago Reply

    Why no pictures… electrical stimulating muscles doesn’t break up fat.. so all that could happen is muscle growth underneath the fat. You would still need to do cardiovascular to lose fat… you would need to look like Ronaldo to actually see the benefits..

    Frank - 10 months ago Reply

    How does it compare with slendertone abs
    As I’m using this at the mo ? But not that happy with the product

    james - 10 months ago Reply

    Just received min yesterday and used it twice. Will update more in the coming weeks

    Swaroop - 9 months ago Reply

    Hi Mark

    Nice review. One doubt for me is, how long can we use the gel as i can see additional gels as well, like any expiry for gels n replacement like that?

    – swaroop

    Corey - 9 months ago Reply

    Considering the long history of outright fraud with products like this and, let’s face it, no real plausible mechanism by which it coulc claim to work as advertised, you can’t excitedly claim the product works then say what you did in your last paragraph. Either show some before/after pics or provide some other measure to contextualise your experience or absolutely nothing what you said means anything at all.

    Frankly, again considering the history of rubbish in this field, without any solid (and, I might add, fairly easily obtainable) proof, you should retract your claim.

    Daniel Manning - 9 months ago Reply

    Fantastic looking product but you will notice the pads are made the wrong way round so you will not be able to use them… Nor will you be able to get support from the Hungarian call center… Nor will you be able to find any youtube with the pads being secured successfully… nor will they give you a refund.

    Adrian - 9 months ago Reply

    Hi Mark
    I can’t see if you replied to Charles on whether you’ve actually lost a size / some inches around the belly area. Do you look slimmer in that difficult male region.



    Joanna - 9 months ago Reply

    Bought the abs last week and I must say what a waste of money followed instructions carefully to the letter, assembly was easy . After 2nd day the gel pads started coming off and curling one of pads came with no adhesive on now into end of the first week and I have had to change battery 3times all ready. First time I used it and went through settings there is no screen to show what settings you are on. The power level has diminished a great deal since trying it , I have to put it on a high level to feel anything . The price of this is too much for what it is , when I spoke to customer services about the pads they were blaze about the product and pads the return policy is poor had to buy more pads I will continue to use it for 6 weeks and see if this works I am not over weight and just need help toning my tummy sticking to a controlled diet.

    Sander - 8 months ago Reply

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for your review! It has almost been a year since you updated the review and I was wondering if you’ve kept using it and if there were any updates you could give as to what a long-term use has done for you 🙂



    Dan - 8 months ago Reply

    I’m cautious to use the product based on all the warnings of shocks and burns. Have you had any burns?

    Davey - 8 months ago Reply

    Thankyou for your review I now have sixpad on its way to me

    Ashley - 8 months ago Reply

    How quick did you start seeing results as I’m very interested in purchasing the abs workout

    Nasrat - 8 months ago Reply

    I had this item
    Using this item a couple off time ,after the sessions six pad would still be beep I had to take battery’s out & gel on it were getting loose
    I returned the item back due to it being faulty a month ago today had a response it has had its checks & it works
    Overall customers service not good
    Once the item is returend I will be sending it to trading Standerd to be tested

    Thomas - 8 months ago Reply


    thanks for sharing your experience with the product since your last opost is almost a year old, can you please update us on, are you still using it? How did your body responded to the device? To whom would you recommend the sixpack?



    Donna - 8 months ago Reply

    Hi received mine today, must say nothing what I expected… can hardly feel it working…

    Brad - 8 months ago Reply

    Thanks, this has made me decide to give it a go. Great review and very instructive.

    Ken - 8 months ago Reply

    before thinking of the six pads, I am more interested on the result of fat. Is it help to burn fat?

    amit - 7 months ago Reply

    Hello Mark,
    Do you see the abs ? or did you see?
    It is almost a year after.

    stuart russell - 7 months ago Reply

    i have used slender tone belts for years but i thought id give sipped a try…even at the highest intensity it is nowhere near as effective as slender tone…a complete waste of money

    Ade - 7 months ago Reply

    Only took me a few seconds to find that you own a company who import goods from China, who is to say that this is not one of them ?

    Phil - 7 months ago Reply

    All of these things are bullshit, the only way to build muscle is resistance training, focusing on time under tension and the ONLY way to get a ‘six pack’ is diet and nutrition.

    Bet - 6 months ago Reply

    Thanks Ade,,
    Good work,, I’ll keep my money in my pocket

    Emran - a few months ago Reply

    This product is bogus DO NOT BUY THIS this does not compare to slendertone it is so much weaker you will be scammed out of a lot of money do not buy

    Rosie - a few months ago Reply

    Hi, your review was very helpful, thank you. Can you please tell me :
    Assuming you use the unit every day, how long do the gel pads last before you have to replace them?
    Also, how long does the battery last?
    Many thanks, and greetings from London!

    rosie - a few months ago Reply

    This is interesting. Even on the highest program? Could you have a fsulty unit? I was thinking about buying one, but not so sure now!

    Reggie - a few months ago Reply

    I recently started using this product on my abs. This product is designed to cause muscle contraction using small amounts of electricity, this is similar to working out the muscle however, it is not a major calorie burner and it is not designed to get rid of fat. It purely tones and may cause some increase in muscle size. You will not expect to see a reduction in waist size. You have to burn the fat off through diet and exercise. Everyone has abs muscles it is just that they are covered in abdominal fat so even if you have toned abs muscles, you cant see them until that fat is lost . In most cases to see your six pack abs, you need a bodyfat percentage of less than 10% ( Men) not too sure for women but think it is a bit higher.It takes some drastic dieting and exercise to get body fat under 10% as your body starts holding on to fat when your fat levels are depleting. In summary, this device purely stimulates and helps tone the muscle. It does not burn fat to make you slimmer

    Mark Kruemke - last month Reply

    Hi Ade, yes I own a trading company. But we “only” produce corporate gifts and merchandising products. I am/was a private user of the Sixpad – no commercial connection there.

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